Friday, December 3, 2010

World Renowned Expert on JFK Medical Evidence Reviews Book by Douglas P. Horne

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Dr. David W. Mantik MD PhD undoubtedly the world's leading expert in the JFK Assassination medical evidence earlier this year wrote an extensive review of Douglas P. Horne's Inside the Assassination Records Review Board: The U. S. Government's Final Attempt to Reconcile the Conflicting Medical evidence in the Assassination of JFK, 2009.

Horne is arguably the world's leading expert in the medical evidence second only to Dr. David W. Mantik. In his book review of Horne's 5 volume work, Mantik in large part finds himself in agreement with Horne on all of the major medical issues. Exceptions include Hornes view of the alleged autopsy photographs of the back of JFK's head which Horne believes were photographically unaltered (although clearly designed to mislead) that is; a true depiction of the back of JKF's head after the Autopsists' rearranged scalp in such a way as to cover the large right occipital full thickness defect there hoping to disguise it. (Suffice it to say that I have my own reasons for believing that Horne's hypothesis on this issue is unworkable which I will post on this sight as time allows but that I agree with Mantik; the photograph is not only misleading but cannot possibly be an actual picture of the back of JFK's head at autopsy. My reason is different from Mantik's however specifically; that it would be anatomically impossible to move a credible section of hair bearing loose scalp into proper allignment over the large occipital full thickness defect without it being obvious that it was a non-anatomic re-arrangement).

Mantik believes that the extant photos of the back of JFK's head are fraudulent, arguing that they were faked utilizing a soft matte insertion process due to the fact that the "blow-out" area in the right posterior occipital area appears only 2D rather than 3D on stereoscopic viewing whereas all other areas on these and other photographs that he examined appear 3D. This explanation seems most probable to me for a variey of reasons including the fact that the hair pictured simply does not look like JFK's hair or the well-known configuration of the back of JFK's head. A very disturbing issue is that the area of what appears to be wet and combed hair which appears starched and 2D on stereoscopic viewing is apparently a different color than the Auburn hair (clearly 3D) which presumably is the genuine hair of JFK below the inferior line of the apparent matte insertion.

Mantik also disagrees with Horne regarding the role of White House social photographer Robert Knudsen in taking autopsy photographs primarily because the Bethesda witnesses made no mention of his having been there that night. He also differs with Horne regarding the nature of the infamous "mystery" photo referred to as figure 66 in Volume I of Horne's book often referred to as figure F8. Mantik forcefully argues that the area in question is in fact the large right occipital blow-out noted at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Tx and suggests that it was mistakenly not culled from the extant collection by the conspirators who had attempted to disguise the very obvious full-thickness "hole" in the right occipital area of JFK's head.

All in all however, Mantik and Horne agree on the vast majority of the medical evidence and this is extremely encouraging from the perspective of finally coming to an understanding about what actually happened to JFK's body during and after the assassination. What they share in common is far more important than the minor differences of opinion they have with regard to very specific details involving the medical evidence in the JFK Assassination case.

I wholeheartedly recommend Horne's 5 volume treatise. It is arguably the best reference work available today on the extensive medical coverup which ensued after the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Mantik's extensive review of volume IV of Horne's book is simply outstanding and should be read by all researchers interested in the medical evidence and the cover-up. Dr. Mantik's outstanding book review of Horne's volume IV is a must-read and can be accessed HERE...

--Dr. J. P. Hubert

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