Disproven JFK Assassination Myths

1) Single (Magic) Bullet Theory (Totally discredited in light of modern CT scan technology and newly available records released in the wake of the JFK Records Act proving that then Congressman Gerald R. Ford moved the site of JFK’s upper back wound [located at roughly T3 just to the right of the midline] roughly 5 inches upward to the back of his lower neck posteriorly; ostensibly in order to make the SBT more palatable to Warren Commission members and others).

2) A Lone Assassin Shot at JFK (False, shots were fired from at least 4 different locations based on the medical evidence alone, including the Dal Tex and TSBD buildings, the Grassy knoll area and the left end [relative to the direction of the limousine] of the triple underpass at a minimum. It is also probable that shots were fired from the roof of the Dallas County Records building and the opposite end of the triple underpass. There is an increasing trajectory of evidence that limousine driver SA William Greer fired a shot at almost point blank range striking JFK in the left temple within the hairline utilizing a gun of at least 0.357 caliber mushrooming or expanding type ammunition or larger. This should be further investigated).

3) JFK was struck by only 1 Head Shot (Totally discredited. In light of the detailed studies of Dr. David Mantik alone, JFK was struck by at least 3 head shots from different directions, one from behind, [likely the lower level of the Dal Tex building] and two from in front [including the Grassy Knoll area and the left end of the triple underpass and or from the front seat drivers side of the limousine the position occupied by SA William Greer]).

4. The Hole in JFK's Anterior Neck [Throat] was an exit wound (Totally false. There was unanimous agreement by the attending medical staff at Parkland Hospital in Dallas Texas [a major trauma Center extremely experienced with gun trauma] that the anterior [throat] neck wound of JFK represented a bullet wound of entry. At the Friday afternoon press conference ENT surgeon Dr. Malcolm Perry who performed the emergency tracheostomy stated 3 times that the throat wound was one of entry)!

5) Mafia alone was responsible for the JFK Assassination (False, the Mafia provided some gunmen and some transportation assistance but elements of the CIA, FBI, US Secret Service, US military, and certain anti-Castro Cuban exiles among others were also involved in the logistics of the Assassination and the cover-up).

6) Castro was responsible for the JFK Assassination (False, Castro had no role in the Assassination and was actually through intermediaries negotiating with Kennedy an end to the US embargo of Cuba. This was made possible in the wake of the agreement reached between President Kennedy and Premiere Khrushchev over the Cuban Missile Crisis. Castro was actually engaged in a lunch meeting with a journalist named Jean Daniel sent by President Kennedy to negotiate on his behalf when he learned of the Assassination. Castro was visibly upset by the news. For details see James Douglas’ excellent treatment of this subject in his excellent book: JFK and the Unspeakable).

7) The Soviet Union was responsible for the JFK Assassination (False, Premiere Khrushchev had an excellent working relationship with President Kennedy after the Cuban Missile Crisis and preferred to have Kennedy re-elected in 1964. The KGB actually tried to stop the Assassination while the FBI and CIA did not. It was clearly not in the USSR’s interest for Kennedy to be replaced by Lyndon Johnson or Barry Goldwater [the presumptive Republican candidate in 1964]).

8) The Autopsy Pathologists Proved a Transit Track through JFK's Neck (False, the Autopsy Pathologists never dissected the neck at all and only “inferred” that a bullet had transited the neck from the upper back wound to the front of the neck and out the site of the emergency tracheostomy. This was clearly ludicrous since lead Autopsy Pathologist Dr. Humes knew on Friday afternoon prior to the commencement of the Autopsy and the arrival of President Kennedy’s body [from Dr. Humes’ phone conversation with Dr. Robert Livingston] that JFK had sustained a bullet wound of entry to the anterior neck and what the significance of it would mean with regard to the case for conspiracy.

There was no reason for the Autopsy Pathologists to believe on the basis of the evidence they had before them that a bullet transited through the neck of JFK. All the evidence pointed to a superficial that is, non-penetrating/perforating wound to the upper back just to the right of the midline at roughly T3 level and a bullet wound of entry in the anterior neck through which Dr. Malcolm Perry performed the emergency Tracheostomy.

The Autopsy Pathologists’ should have completely dissected out the neck wound during the Autopsy in order to document the precise nature of the wound. Had they done so it would have prevented the government from later alleging vis a vis the "single bullet theory" that a round had transited Kennedy's neck from back to front before hitting Connolly. Even the Autopsy Pathologist's admitted that JFK had  at most a superficial back wound at roughly the level of T3 to the right of the posterior midline [the Survey chest X-rays showed a mild degree of apical parietal pleural contusion/hematoma and slight apical lung hematoma was documented grossly as the lungs were removed. There was absolutely no evidence that a bullet entered either pleural space] and there was no evidence of a bullet wound to the posterior neck where then Congressman Gerald R. Ford moved it to. The apical pleural and pulmonary parenchymal findings were consistent with the GSW to the lower third of the anterior neck not a penetrating/perforating wound to the thorax.

It is clear from the evidence at Autopsy that JFK had indeed sustained the classic type of damage expected from a bullet wound to the lower third of the sub-glottic anterior neck involving the trachea and strap muscles at the least and perhaps deeper structures as well including the longus colli muscle. The fact that the Autopsy Pathologists did not document these very obvious findings proves that there was a complicated medical cover-up in place being directed by the Senior Military Staff of the Bethesda Naval Medical Center beginning in the early afternoon of November 22, 1963).

9) The Autopsy Pathologists were unaware of the Bullet Wound in JFK's Anterior Neck until late Friday night November 22 after the Autopsy had been completed or early Saturday am November 23 (Totally False, as mentioned above, lead Autopsy Pathologist Dr. Humes was informed in the early afternoon of Friday November 22 prior to the arrival of the remains of President Kennedy to Andrews Airforce base and Bethesda Naval Hospital that JFK had sustained a gunshot wound to the anterior neck (throat) from the front and that the significance was that a conspiracy had occurred given that shots had also been made from the rear of the limousine.

Moreover, until Dr. Perry was hassled and intimidated into changing his testimony, he admitted speaking to Dr. Humes by phone Friday evening November 22. In fact he had more than one telephone call with Dr. Humes on November 22 as Humes kept calling him back. Dr. Perry said he spoke about the anterior neck wound and the tracheostomy. The inference is again that Humes was well aware of the anterior neck bullet entry wound as well as the Tracheostomy despite later lying about it.

Dr. Perry informed Nurse Audrey Bell of Parkland Hospital Saturday morning November 23, 1963 about the all night harassment he was subjected to over the nature of JFK's neck wound. He was extremely troubled by the fact that the Secret Service tried to make him change his assessment then and weeks later. Ultimately, he succumbed to the pressure and changed his opinion once it was clear that a coverup of important medical evidence was being carried out by the Federal government--presumably due to fear of being killed or ruined professionally .

Worse yet, Dr. Robert Livingston revealed that after his first phone conversation with Dr. Humes in the early afternoon of November 22, Humes called back later to ask what the appearance should be [of the anterior neck] if a bullet had exited rather than entered there. This proves that Humes was already involved in falsifying medical evidence and was intimately involved in the medical cover-up at that point).

10) The extant Zapruder film is an accurate representation of what occured in Dealey Plaza when JFK was assassinated. (False, for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps the most obvious is that the frames which allegedly depict the fatal GSW to JFK's head are totally incompatible with the wounds documented at Parkland Hospital in Dallas several minutes later. It has now been demonstrated that the so-called "blob" which appears on the right, anterior side of JFK's head is actually art-work and that the apparent spray of blood, brain and cerebro-spinal fluid in the forward direction is also fraudulent. Multiple witnesses including motorcycle policement Bobby Hargis [positioned to the left rear of the Kennedy limousine], reported a large amount of bloody material exiting JFK's head to the left rear of the limousine not the right front.  Moreover, the large baseball sized posterior occipital "blow-out" seen at Parkland Hospital has been proven to be "blacked-out" and thus covered-up in the frames where it would otherwise be apparent. For an excellent treatment of this topic see Fetzer, James H., Editor. The Great Zapruder Film Hoax: Deceit and Deception in the Death of JFK, (Chicago: Catfeet Press, 2003) or the extensive summary in Horne, Douglas P. Inside the Assassination Records Review Board: The U.S. Government’s Final Attempt to Reconcile the Conflicting Medical Evidence in the Assassination of JFK, Volume IV, (self-published, 2009) chapter 14. While the many JFK researchers who have extensively studied the Zapruder film vary in their assessments of the extent of alteration that has taken place and the techniques employed, virtually all with the possible exception of  Thompson, Josiah. Six Seconds in Dallas: A Micro-study of the Kennedy Assassination Proving that Three Gunmen Murdered the President, (New York: Bernard Geis Associates, 1967) agree that it is a fraudulent depiction of the events which occured to JFK during the assassination. Thompson clearly represents an outlier which may be due to the fact that his theory of the case is critically dependent upon the Zapruder film being an accurate representation of the events wich allegedly transpired in Dealy Plaza.

-John P. Hubert MD FACS, FACC, FACCP (Retired Cardiothoracic Surgeon)