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Hollywood Actors To Be Part of JFK Assassination Myths

Forrest Gump on the Grassy Knoll:
Weather Advisories for Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio

by Jim Fetzer
December 17, 2010

As a huge fan of actor Tom Hanks, I have admired him in many roles, including Charlie Wilson’s War and Saving Private Ryan. I am also a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, who became a worldwide phenomenon in Titanic. But I was distressed and dismayed to learn that they had committed to films about the death of JFK – in Tom’s case, one based on Vincent Bugliosi’s Reclaiming History (2008), and in Leonardo’s, based on Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann’s Legacy of Secrecy (2008) – which are indefensible books. According to Bugliosi, the Warren commission got it right: Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed "the lone assassin," where he claims to have refuted alternative "conspiracy theories." According to Waldron and Hartmann, JFK was planning to assassinate Fidel, when the mob learned of the plan and took JFK out first, using its insider’s knowledge of the plot against Fidel to silence Bobby and preclude his pursuit of the guilty. The problem is that both theories are false.

Not only am I a fan of these actors but I have met Vincent Bugliosi. In my library downstairs, for example, I have a framed photo of Jesse Ventura, Vince and me at dinner in a restaurant in Minneapolis, when he came to present a lecture at the Hamlin University School of Law on 7 April 2003. We had a great time, and I admire many of his books, from Helter Skelter (about the Charles Manson case) and Outrage (why O.J. Simpson was guilty of killing both Ron and Nicole) to The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder (for war crimes and other atrocities). I like most of his books and have greatly admired him in the past. Similarly, I enjoy listening to Thom Hartmann over our local progressive radio station, "The Mic" at 92.1 FM in Madison, including his "Brunch with Bernie" Friday segments. I share many beliefs and values with Vince and with Thom about truth, justice and the American way. But on JFK, they are trading in fiction, not fact. MORE...

Editor's NOTE:

What Professor Fetzer reports is not surprising although very disappointing. In the early 1950's a CIA program named Operation Mockingbird was instituted in which a major attempt was made to control American media. Since then, the defense/intelligence community has exerted tremendous influence over the broadcast and print media as well as the Motion Picture Industry. The only major film to present anything near what actually transpired vis a vis the JFK Assassination was Oliver Stone's "JFK." Apparently numerous intelligence community attempts to influence the script were unsuccessful in large part.

Those who have taken it upon themselves to protect the conspirators can be counted upon to help produce anything but the truth. For whatever reason, Vincent Bugliosi and Gerald Pozner have written books which are clearly meant to support the conclusions of the now discredited Warren Commission despite the fact that the more recent HSCA determined that the JFK Assassination was most likely the result of a conspiracy.

Bugliosi and Pozner are clearly too intelligent to have been duped on such a massive scale. Logic dictates that they have taken on the role of intelligence directed contract agents whose main purpose is to create confusion through the publishing of disinformation. In the case of Hartmann and Waldron, it may simply be a case of being poorly informed--time will tell.

In any case, the presenting of many diverse and false scenario's has the effect of making it appear that the truth can never be known which of course benefits those who defend the conspirators and the agencies and individuals they protect.

--Dr. J. P. Hubert

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