Sunday, May 22, 2011

Did JFK Try to "Cough Up" a Bullet?

Editor's NOTE:

This video was uploaded on Dec 27, 2009 by Gil Jesus. It contains some excellent information that all serious JFK Assassination researchers should study carefully.  The assertions made are medically sound in all respects except for Gil Jesus' assertion that he knows JFK was trying to dislodge a bullet from his windpipe. While that is certainly possible, it is just as likely that JFK was trying to clear his airway of blood and tissue from what we now know was an antero-right-lateral laceration of his trachea. The physical signs that are described would be the same whether he was attempting to clear the airway of a foreign body (bullet) or of lacerated tissue and blood.

After striking the trachea the bullet probably proceeded deeper into the neck coming to rest posterior to the sternal head of the right sternocleidomastoid muscle and the right sternothyroid muscle just missing the right Common Carotid artery and the right Internal Jugular Vein. 

An X-ray immediately after JFK was shot in the neck would likely have shown the bullet lodged just anterior to the longus colli muscle. If Douglas P. Horne and David Lifton are correct that a pre-autopsy was performed, it is highly probable that the bullet was removed through the tracheotomy incision that was made at Parkland Hospital in Dallas by enlarging it.

I agree that the Thornburn position argument is totally discredited by the evidence.

--Dr. J. P. Hubert MD, FACS (Retired)

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Gil Jesus' examination of Zapruder Frames 225-237 and his conclusion that Kennedy's actions together with the physical evidence indicate that a bullet entered the front of his throat and remained lodged there.

Also, the "Thorburn Position" theory as it applies to JFK is exposed as a hoax.

Click here for video of the late Dr. Revalia Ganges who witnessed the through and through hole in the front window of the JFK Presidential limousine.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

US government official: JFK cover-up, film fabrication

MADISON, Wisconsin—Douglas Horne, who served as the Senior Analyst for Military Affairs of the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB), has now published INSIDE THE ARRB (2009), a five-volume study of the efforts of the board to declassify documents and records held by the CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service, and other government organizations related to the assassination of JFK.

As a former government official, historian, and author, he is speaking out to disabuse the public of any lingering belief that THE WARREN REPORT (1964), THE HSCA FINAL REPORT (1979), Gerald Posner’s CASE CLOSED (1963), or Vincent Bugliosi’s RECLAIMING HISTORY (2007) represent the truth about what is known about the assassination of our 35th president, even remotely! Indeed, in relation to a new article, “Birds of a Feather: Subverting the Constitution at Harvard Law”, Horne has made a forceful declaration to set the record straight:

I know, from my former role as a government official on the staff of the ARRB (from 1995–1998), that there is overwhelming evidence of a government-directed medical cover-up in the death of JFK, and of wholesale destruction of autopsy photographs, autopsy x-rays, early versions of the autopsy report, and biological materials associated with the autopsy. Furthermore, dishonest autopsy photographs were created; skull x-rays were altered; the contents of the autopsy report changed over time as different versions were produced; and the brain photographs in the National Archives cannot be photographs of President Kennedy’s brain—they are fraudulent, substitute images of someone else’s brain.

Over and beyond the medical evidence, however, Horne—in Vol. IV of INSIDE THE ARRB (2009), has also demonstrated that the home movie of the assassination known as “the Zapruder film”—and others that correspond to it, such as the Nix and Muchmore films—have been massively edited to remove indications of Secret Service complicity in the crime and to add other events to these films in order to sow confusion and conceal evidence of the true causes of death of John F. Kennedy.

There are many proofs that the film has been fabricated—including that the driver brought the limo to a halt to make sure he would be killed; that his brains were blown out to the left-rear; and that a motorcycle patrolman accompanying the limo rode forward at the time of the stop to inform Dallas Chief of Police Jessie Curry that the president had been hit. But none of these events appears in the extant version of the film, which has been massively edited. That these events occurred has been established by more than 60 witness reports of the limo stop, where the wound to the back of his head was confirmed by 40 witnesses, including virtually all the physicians at Parkland Hospital, who described cerebellum as well as cerebral tissue extruding from the wound. The blow-out to the right-front, as seen in the film, therefore, is not authentic. Read it ALL...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Probable JFK Assassination "Hit Team" Member Dies

Orlando Bosch: unrepentant bomber of Cubana Flight 455, pardoned by Bush Senior
Orlando Bosch: unrepentant bomber of Cubana Flight 455, pardoned by Bush Senior

So farewell then, Orlando Bosch Avila, Cuban exile and anti-Castro terrorist whose role in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban civilian airliner (killing 73 passengers and crew) was well-known to the US authorities – as indicated by this recently-declassified FBI document.

Despite multiple evidence of Bosch’s bloody complicity in the Cubana outrage and other politically-motivated murders, not to mention his shameless, Al Qaeda-style assertion that “All of Castro’s planes are warplanes” (and therefore justifiable targets), the Cuban-American lobby’s unrivalled clout in Washington helped Bosch and his co-conspirator Luis Posada Carriles evade justice in several jurisdictions.

He did go to prison for a few years for other, lesser offences but managed to avoid being called to account for the worst crime of all.  In fact, he even received a pardon from outgoing US President George H.W. Bush, a man who, as ex-Director of the CIA, certainly knew where the bodies were buried (usually that’s just a metaphor).

Unfortunately Bosch’s BBC obituary somehow neglected to mention this rather interesting detail of the Bush Family’s flexible approach to the “War on Terror”.

Indeed, the entire US government’s hypocrisy is unrivalled.  Had Bosch and his companeros been Arab bombers of civilian planes, their feet would not have touched the ground on a one-way trip to the US concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay……

Orlando Bosch was born in August 1926, a week after his nemesis and fellow Cuban Fidel Castro.  Both were students at Havana University, both from middle-class backgrounds, both leaders of their respective student bodies.  But their paths soon diverged after the 1959 Revolution as Bosch gave up a career as a paediatrician, a curer of childhood ailments, and dedicated himself instead to the killing of innocents, all in the name of “a free Cuba”, of course.

It is even alleged that Bosch can be glimpsed in the infamous Zapruder film of the assassination of John F Kennedy.  He is supposed to be the dark-skinned person next to Umbrella Man, one of many shadowy figures in the Great American Parlour Game, “Who Shot JFK?”

Bosch claimed that he was at home in Miami that day, which might well be true; given the opportunity to participate (alongside Gloria Estefan’s father and other ex-Batista diehards) in the April 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, the bold Orlando said, in the words of Samuel Goldwyn, “Include me out”, claiming that he was still p*****d off because the Americans had refused to support his own plan for a guerilla war in the Escambray Mountains.

As a dedicated anti-Castro fighter, you’d have thought that he might have swallowed his pride and taken part in the Bay of Pigs debacle, or at least joined the subsequent counter-revolutionary campaign in the Escambray Mountains – the “War Against the Bandits”, which lasted from 1959-65.

But apparently Senor Bosch wasn’t so keen on hand-to-hand combat.

It is fortunate for the Cuban Revolution that its most implacable foes have also been cowards and dunderheads as often at war with each other as with Havana.

Friday, May 6, 2011

New Information Available on Dealey Plaza "Hit Teams"

Readers interested in further information on the Dealey Plaza "hit-teams" should review THIS.

It is an area which is still ripe for further research but time is beginning to run-out in that most of the people who were directly involved are now dead.

I encourage those with an interest to listen to the video tape confession of James E. Files who claims to have been the Grassy Knoll Assassin and those of Chauncey Holt who has said that he was one of the so-called "3 tramps" and also the person who forged the false credentials for the fake Secret Service Agents who appeared in Dealey Plaza after the JFK limousine sped to Parkland Hospital.

We now know that there were no genuine Secret Service Agents in Dealey Plaza after the Presidential Party passed through and yet many witnesses report encountering men in suits who flashed their fake Secret Service ID's. These men were there for several reasons. First they made certain that the assassins were able to escape unscathed and second, they were there to confiscate photographic film from witnesses who had taken still and moving pictures of the motorcade. This allowed the conspirators to control the visual evidence and ultimately to alter the Zapruder film and other home movies taken that day in such a way as to match what quickly became known as the "lone-nut assassin" theory. Last, these men were able to determine the names of witnesses who might need to be pressured into changing their impressions of what they saw that day. Some of those who could not be intimidated met their demise in numbers which far exceed those which are compatible with chance alone, meaning, they were murdered.

These early maneuvers carried out by the fake Secret Service agents were critical to the overall success of the conspiracy perhaps even more so than the "stand-down" of the actual Secret Service Agents themselves whose inaction resulted in JFK being killed.  Control of the crime scene was key in terms of altering objective evidence that was incompatible with what their "official (false) version" ultimately became.

With Respect to Chauncey Holt:

--Holt Says Oswald was Falsely Accused!  Holt always felt a sympathy for Oswald and doesn't think its right that Oswald's wife and children should be  stigmatized the way they have been all these years. His video remarks in this regard appear extremely genuine. As he makes them he is literally moved to tears.

--Holt testified he saw multiple assassins in Dealey Plaza in the vicinity of Houston and Elm Streets on November 22, 1963 including but not limited to Louis Posada, Freddy Lugo, Rip Roberson and Orlando Bosch.

With Respect to James Files:

--Files confessed to killing John F. Kennedy with a head shot from the Grassy Knoll using a hand-held Remington Fireball XP-100 with scope in which he had placed a mercury bullet. Files says that if JKF's body is every exhumed we will know it is his body if the mercury that would still be present in his skull is found. Interestingly, the world's foremost medical expert on the JFK Assassination case, Dr. David W. Mantik believes he can see evidence of mercury on the JFK skull X-rays.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

JFK Assassination: Key to Global War on Terror

By: Dr. J. P. Hubert

The JFK Assassination is the key to understanding what is currently transpiring in the United States. One of the reasons why President John F. Kennedy was murdered is that he wanted to end the Cold War through negotiation with the Soviet Union rather than “win it” [which was the position of the war hawks in his own administration as well as the private corporations which were then part of the military industrial complex (MIC)]. Then as now the defense contractors were making incredible sums of money on armament production and loathed the idea that it might come to an end.

Today the so-called Global War on Terror (GWT) has replaced the “Cold-War” as a justification for continued massive military/intelligence spending that still inures to the benefit of the MIC (now the MIMIC). The basic arrangement is the same. The Regime creates a plausible justification for placing the country on a constant war footing and then proceeds to invent reasons why the war(s) must continue.

The actual reason a state of constant war has become "necessary" is that given our loss of traditional manufacturing base the US economy is critically dependent on creating a demand for the production of armaments. Munitions manufacturing after all is the only industry in which the US still leads the world. Virtually everything else has already been off-shored and out-sourced to third world countries where slave labor wages are utilized by US multinational corporations for the creation of immoral and obscene profits, the ill-gotten gains obtained in large part from the killing of innocent non-combatants in foreign wars.

The US economy then, is being artificially propped-up through the continual starting and prosecuting of unnecessary and immoral wars of aggression. The current situation benefits the private armament manufacturers and insures that no nation or combination thereof is able or willing to challenge American hegemony, thus perpetuating the status quo. This scenario will continue until the USA is recognizably bankrupt as a result of its total inability to service the now astronomically massive national debt. The powerful elites will then simply move on like a hoard of locusts to another geographical location  where they can repeat their rapacious activities having long since moved their bounteous personal assets off-shore. Herein lies the real meaning of the vaunted "New World Order" of the Globalists.