"Hall of Shame"

        There are a myriad of individuals who either knowingly or unknowingly participated in a massive cover-up in the JFK Assassination case but in whom little or no evidence exists establishing that they were part of the actual plot to murder the President. Important evidence was suppressed which would have proven to a high degree of probability that the murder of President Kennedy was the result of a complex conspiracy. A separate list of co-conspirators found HERE includes not only those who participated in the plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy but those who in addition were involved in the cover-up. Therefore, the “Hall of Shame” is limited to those who were part of the cover-up only as far as is currently known.

         Some individuals who participated in the cover-up may have been asked to do so on the basis of national security, that is, in the hope of preventing World War III given that the Cuban Missile Crisis had occurred only 1 year earlier and media reports continued to appear which suggested that either Cuba and or the Soviet Union were responsible.

         While this and other potential extenuating circumstances may have seemed persuasive to many at the time, it was morally wrong to knowingly perpetrate a fraud on the American people not to mention the fact that doing so represented an obstruction of justice as well. Had a proper investigation been carried out, the conspirators and those who participated in the cover-up would all have been subject to indictment for Presidential murder even if only as accessories after the fact. The following list is not meant to be exhaustive.

1. Gerald R. Fordfor participating in a massive fraud by moving the JFK back wound up over 5 inches in order to make the single bullet theory (SBT) seem feasible and for serving as a secret source of information to the FBI about Warren Commission business. Ford had been affiliated with the FBI in the past and had served as an FBI advocate while still a Congressman from Michigan in the House of Representatives. Ford's reprehensible conduct on the Warren Commission should become his primary legacy.

2. Arlen Specterfor devising the preposterous single or magic bullet theory (SBT) which allowed the Warren Commission to claim that JFK was killed by a “lone nut assassin” rather than by multiple shooter's as part of a complex conspiracy. Specter to his everlasting discredit has never recanted what he knows is a completely impossible scenario.

3. Chief Justice Earl Warrenoriginally refused to serve when asked by Lyndon B. Johnson, but was convinced to participate after Johnson disclosed US intelligence information indicating that Lee Harvey Oswald had not only been a faux defector to the Soviet Union and an apparent Castro supporter but that he had also been to both the Soviet and Cuban embassies in Mexico City in an attempt to gain entrance to Cuba after allegedly meeting with the Soviet Chief of Assassinations in the Western Hemisphere.  The implication was clearly that Oswald met with the Soviet assassin in preparation for his attempt on Kennedy. Johnson threatened with the spectre that nuclear war would break out if the Oswald intelligence information became known.

Warren agreed to help produce an obviously fraudulent Commission Report ostensibly in the interest of national security. This was made easier by the fact that the Commission lacked its own investigative staff, was completely dependent upon the FBI for determining the facts of the case and was further kept from obtaining CIA records and documents by Alan Dulles former head of the CIA who was fired by JFK after the Bay of Pigs fiasco.
Dulles was a known Kennedy detractor and his presence on the Commission represented an extreme conflict of interest. Dulles provided the CIA with knowledge of the supposed secret deliberations of the Warren Commission and helped steer the investigation away from evidence establishing a conspiracy. A seperate section on Alan Dulles is not included here because there is persuasive evidence that in addition to being involved in the cover-up, he was also part of the assassination plot and therefore will be listed under the page entitled: "JFK Assassination Co-Conspirators."

Perhaps worse yet, Chief Justice Warren knowingly perpetrated a massive fraud and monumentally abdicated his responsibility to see that justice was served. This is particularly egregious given his position as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. He allowed to go forward what he knew at the least was a very weak case against Lee Harvey Oswald and helped establish as legitimate the "framing" of what he had to suspect was an innocent man.

There is simply no way Warren could not have realized that the assassination of JFK was a well-coordinated conspiracy and that at the most, Lee Harvey Oswald was only one of many shooter's. It appears he violated the clear moral teaching that one must never do evil that good may come of it or that the "ends" desired must not be served by the choice of virtually any "means" especially those which are indisputably immoral.

4. James J. Humes MD--the Chief John F. Kennedy Naval Autopsist who knowingly performed post-mortem, pre-official autopsy "surgical" alteration (more appropriately termed butchery) of the gunshot wounds on the body of President Kennedy at the order of Bethesda Naval Hospital senior military officer's. In so doing he later that night performed a sham "official" autopsy designed to disguise the actual wounds incurred by President Kennedy which would have clearly established that he was struck by multiple bullets from several different shooter's and positions.

Humes faild to accurately record the condition of JFK's body upon its arrival Bethesda Naval Hospital.  Moreover until his death he continued to lie about what transpired the night of the autopsy and the subsequent weeks thereafter with respect to his involvement and that of the other two Autopsist's of record. His legacy should be that of the "instrument" through which the assassination conspirators were able to accomplish a massive amount of fraud in the medical/forensic evidence. No doubt Humes was threatened with courts-marshall if he refused to participate in the cover-up, but he was morally obligated to refuse and take the potential punishment.

5. J. Thornton Boswell MD--also one of the JFK Naval Autopsists who participated at the Bethesda Naval Hospital necropsy on November 22, 1963. He was likely involved in the illicit/clandestine post-mortem "surgical" alteration of the body of JFK along with James J. Humes MD. If not actually physically involved, he clearly knew about it and thereafter participated in the medical cover-up and to this very day continues to do so. 

6. Pierre A. Finck MD--the Army Forensic Pathologist who was called to assist Humes and Boswell after the brain of JFK had already been removed and other preliminary procedures were completed. He was not present at the post-mortem "surgical" alteration of the body and may not have been aware that it took place until some time later but was eventually involved in helping to perpetuate the medical cover-up through his untruthful subsequent testimony before the HSCA, at the Garrison trial of Clay Shaw in New Orleans and before the ARRB. He no doubt was placed in an extremely untenable position which would have meant loss of his career and probable courts-Marshall had he disclosed the truth. That is not to imply that what he did was morally justifiable because it clearly was not. He obviously made a Utilitarian calculation that in order to protect himself he would participate in a massive medical fraud which he has continued to do up to the present.

7. John H. Ebersoll MD--Naval Radiologist at JFK autopsy participated in the medical cover-up at least after-the-fact when it became obvious to him that many X-rays taken at the autopsy were missing and that there were features depicted on some, for example the JFK skull X-rays which were not present at the time they were taken. He refused to admit to the forgeries on multiple occasion thereafter even under oath and continued to do so right up to the time of his death. Like Humes, Boswell and Finck he was no doubt under military orders not to disclose what he knew about fraud in the medical evidence.

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