Fraud in JFK Medical Evidence

This section primarily includes the results/conclusions of research conducted after the passage of the so-called JFK Act in 1992. The areas of major concern involve but are not limited to:

1.)  The extant Skull X-rays (which Radiation Oncologist and Physicist Dr. David W. Mantik has proven utilizing the technique s of optical densitometry, stero viewing and bright lighting as well as original research in which he successfully reproduced the "special effects" present on the films), are forged composite copies of originals. They currently reside in the National Archives in Virginia.

2.)  Cervical X-rays fail to demonstrate bony trauma which should have ocurred if the Warren Commission Single Bullet Theory  (SBT) was true. It has been conclusively proven that Warren Commission member and former President Gerald R. Ford  moved the location of the alleged back wound from the level of T 3-4 to the lower neck in an attempt to establish the plausibility of the SBT. This was morally reprehensible and represented a complete violation of his responsibility to the nation as a commission member.  Had his despicable act been made known to the nation he would no doubt have faced indictment and trial for obstruction of justice and treason.

Dr. David W. Mantik has demonstrated that even if President Kennedy had been struck by a bullet in the back of the base of the neck as the Warren Commission contends, C.T. scan technology proves that it is anantomically impossible for the bullet to have exited the anterior neck just to the right of the midline due to the presence of intervening dense bone in the form of the multiple cervical vertebral bodies and the vertebral transverse processes through which the bullet would have had to pass. That being the case, the lynchpin of the Warren Commission's case, the SBT, must now be irrevocably discarded.

3.)  It  has now been conclusively demonstrated that President Kennedy was struck in the anterior neck by a bullet which tore open the right lateral aspect of the sub-glottic trachea doing damage to the surrounding strap-muscles in the base of the neck. The trauma included a contusion of the tissue in the right lung apex involving the vicseral and parietal pleura as well as a small area of underlying right apical lung tissue.

The anterior neck wound was not only evident to the multiple attending physicians in Dallas Texas at Parkland Hospital on November 22, 1963 but was also made known to the lead John F. Kennedy Autopsy Pathologist Dr. James Humes at Bethesda Naval Hospital on the afternoon of November 22, long before the body of President Kennedy arrived at Bethesda for the post-mortem examination.

Dr. Humes consistently lied about knowing of the bullet wound to the anterior neck of JFK on Friday afternoon claiming to be aware of only a tracheostomy wound in that location until Saturday November 23, 1963. This demonstrates that the medical coverup was underway as early as the afternoon of 11/22/63.

The following essays and video's provide proof of the above assertions: