Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Douglas P. Horne Summarizes his book "Inside the ARRB"

Editor's NOTE:

In response to my post HERE... covering the David W. Mantik MD PhD review of Douglas P. Horne's 5 volume work, Mr. Horne was kind enough to send me by e-mail the following summary of Inside the ARRB: The U.S. Government's Final Attempt to Reconcile the Conflicting Medical Evidence in the Assassination of JFK (2009). He suggested that it has made a "significant contribution to the understanding of the medical evidence" and I wholeheartedly agree. In fact for serious students and researcher's Horne's book supplies in one place the greatest amount of information related to the JFK medical evidence. We are truly indebted to him for his monumental undertaking and his courage in confronting those who still desire to keep this vital part of American history secret.

--Dr. J. P. Hubert

Douglas P. Hornes' Summary of Inside the ARRB:
  • Confirming the groundbreaking work of David Lifton in 1981, the body's chain of custody was indeed broken enroute and it arrived at Bethesda prior to the official motorcade which supposedly transported it from Andrews (the Boyajian document is key here).
  • Post-mortem surgery (evidence tampering) was performed on JFK's body at Bethesda Naval hospital, which alone invalidates the results of the official autopsy.
  • The autopsy photos of the head in the metal stirrup were taken following post-mortem surgery on the cranium at Bethesda Naval hospital, and therefore show the results of body tampering (i.e., evidence tampering), NOT damage by a bullet or bullets.
  • The beveled evidence of exit in photos 17, 18, 44, and 45 are in a region of the skull originally described by the pathologists themselves as POSTERIOR skull (and these photos therefore contain medico-legal evidence of an exit wound in the back of the head).
  • Both JFK's brain (what was left of it) and a second, substitute (fraudulent) specimen were examined after the autopsy on his body, and the photos of the fraudulent (substitute) brain were introduced into the official record and misrepresented as "JFK's brain."
  • The autopsy report was rewritten during the week following JFK's death.
  • The Zapruder film is an altered film, as proven by the inspection of new, HD scans of a dupe negative examined by Hollywood film experts; and its troubled chain of custody the weekend of the assassination is strong evidence that the CIA was involved in its alteration.
  • The pathologists (particularly Dr. Humes) lied repeatedly under oath over the years about the nature of the President's wounds and their findings.
  • Dr. David Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., reviewed and approved my extensive presentation of his seminal work (in Chapters 5 and 12) proving that the three extant JFK skull x-rays in the National Archives are forged composite copy films---that is, optically altered versions of the authentic JFK skull x-rays (which are not in the official record and are now lost to history).


  1. Please, does anyone here know where one can avail oneself of the special (for $75)for the 5 volume set by Mr. Horne.., which I have heard about? THANKS.

    --Dr. H.
    Los Angeles

  2. I am also wondering how we might contact Dr. Hubert, for some discussion of this subject.

    The extensive cover-up which ensued was put in place within minutes of the crime. It represented a violent overthrow of a democratically elected constitutional republic, an act which can legitimately be termed a coup de’ tat. Since then there has been a progressive devolution into a kind of Fascist state in which a ruling Oligarchy or “Shadow Government” has taken power

    --Dr. John P. Hubert
    I've been studying these materials since the sixties, and
    Dr. Hubert is friggin' "on the money!!"