Evidence of Secret Service Complicity

Readers should be aware that Professor James H. Fetzer and Vincent Palamara among others have presented extremely pursuasive evidence that there was a massive degree of Secret Service complicity in the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.[1]


 Why in the world would the US Secret Service remove the “bubble-top” on the JFK limousine for the motorcade in Dallas Texas when they knew that serious threats had been made to assassinate President Kennedy in Miami and Chicago? The Chicago trip was cancelled because those threats were taken seriously. Moreover, the FBI had been warned by Lee Harvey Oswald that an assassination attempt would be made on JFK in Dallas. The Secret Service was clearly aware of the “near misses” in both Miami and Chicago.[2]  It is also highly likely that Lee Harvey Oswald was the individual named “Lee” who notified authorities in advance of the planned assassination attempt to be carried out in Chicago meaning; Oswald attempted to stop the JFK assassination on two occasions; the plots in Chicago and in Dallas.


There is no legitimate excuse for the Secret Service to have removed the protective bubble top from the Presidential Lincoln limousine. This error may be added to the other 15 described by Professor Jim Fetzer establishing that the US Secret Service was complicit in the planning and carrying out of the JFK Assassination. Assuming an individual probability[3] of 1/10 or .1 for each of the separate 16 errors, the combined probability that all 16 were the result of chance alone is <1X10(-15). That is to say, less than 1 chance in a quadrillion. This is enough in the absence of all the other relevant and copious evidence now available to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt (BRD) that the JFK Assassination was the result of a conspiracy involving part of the US government (since the US Secret Service is a division of the US Department of the Treasury).

The other additional evidence now available establishes to a metaphysical degree of certainty that President Kennedy’s assassination was the result of a complex conspiracy involving elements of the CIA, FBI, US military, Cuban Exile and Organized Crime Communities and wealthy Texas Oil interests including Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and others.


[1]Fetzer, James H., Editor. Murder in Dealey Plaza: What We Know Now that We Didn’t Know Then about the Death of JFK. (Chicago: Catfeet Press, 2000). See page 12 and pp.159-174.
[2]This new evidence comes from Judyth Vary Baker’s book Me and Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald (Trine Day LCC., 2010).
[3]Given the extremely strict regulations of the US Secret Service a 1/10 probability for each of the 16 individual errors in procedure is likely too high rather than too low an estimate. The Presidential security detail is responsible by protocol for insuring that each and every one of these 16 is meticulously observed. The idea that all 16 could have been overlooked simultaneously by mistake is ludicrous.