Sunday, May 8, 2011

Probable JFK Assassination "Hit Team" Member Dies

Orlando Bosch: unrepentant bomber of Cubana Flight 455, pardoned by Bush Senior
Orlando Bosch: unrepentant bomber of Cubana Flight 455, pardoned by Bush Senior

So farewell then, Orlando Bosch Avila, Cuban exile and anti-Castro terrorist whose role in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban civilian airliner (killing 73 passengers and crew) was well-known to the US authorities – as indicated by this recently-declassified FBI document.

Despite multiple evidence of Bosch’s bloody complicity in the Cubana outrage and other politically-motivated murders, not to mention his shameless, Al Qaeda-style assertion that “All of Castro’s planes are warplanes” (and therefore justifiable targets), the Cuban-American lobby’s unrivalled clout in Washington helped Bosch and his co-conspirator Luis Posada Carriles evade justice in several jurisdictions.

He did go to prison for a few years for other, lesser offences but managed to avoid being called to account for the worst crime of all.  In fact, he even received a pardon from outgoing US President George H.W. Bush, a man who, as ex-Director of the CIA, certainly knew where the bodies were buried (usually that’s just a metaphor).

Unfortunately Bosch’s BBC obituary somehow neglected to mention this rather interesting detail of the Bush Family’s flexible approach to the “War on Terror”.

Indeed, the entire US government’s hypocrisy is unrivalled.  Had Bosch and his companeros been Arab bombers of civilian planes, their feet would not have touched the ground on a one-way trip to the US concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay……

Orlando Bosch was born in August 1926, a week after his nemesis and fellow Cuban Fidel Castro.  Both were students at Havana University, both from middle-class backgrounds, both leaders of their respective student bodies.  But their paths soon diverged after the 1959 Revolution as Bosch gave up a career as a paediatrician, a curer of childhood ailments, and dedicated himself instead to the killing of innocents, all in the name of “a free Cuba”, of course.

It is even alleged that Bosch can be glimpsed in the infamous Zapruder film of the assassination of John F Kennedy.  He is supposed to be the dark-skinned person next to Umbrella Man, one of many shadowy figures in the Great American Parlour Game, “Who Shot JFK?”

Bosch claimed that he was at home in Miami that day, which might well be true; given the opportunity to participate (alongside Gloria Estefan’s father and other ex-Batista diehards) in the April 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, the bold Orlando said, in the words of Samuel Goldwyn, “Include me out”, claiming that he was still p*****d off because the Americans had refused to support his own plan for a guerilla war in the Escambray Mountains.

As a dedicated anti-Castro fighter, you’d have thought that he might have swallowed his pride and taken part in the Bay of Pigs debacle, or at least joined the subsequent counter-revolutionary campaign in the Escambray Mountains – the “War Against the Bandits”, which lasted from 1959-65.

But apparently Senor Bosch wasn’t so keen on hand-to-hand combat.

It is fortunate for the Cuban Revolution that its most implacable foes have also been cowards and dunderheads as often at war with each other as with Havana.