Friday, May 6, 2011

New Information Available on Dealey Plaza "Hit Teams"

Readers interested in further information on the Dealey Plaza "hit-teams" should review THIS.

It is an area which is still ripe for further research but time is beginning to run-out in that most of the people who were directly involved are now dead.

I encourage those with an interest to listen to the video tape confession of James E. Files who claims to have been the Grassy Knoll Assassin and those of Chauncey Holt who has said that he was one of the so-called "3 tramps" and also the person who forged the false credentials for the fake Secret Service Agents who appeared in Dealey Plaza after the JFK limousine sped to Parkland Hospital.

We now know that there were no genuine Secret Service Agents in Dealey Plaza after the Presidential Party passed through and yet many witnesses report encountering men in suits who flashed their fake Secret Service ID's. These men were there for several reasons. First they made certain that the assassins were able to escape unscathed and second, they were there to confiscate photographic film from witnesses who had taken still and moving pictures of the motorcade. This allowed the conspirators to control the visual evidence and ultimately to alter the Zapruder film and other home movies taken that day in such a way as to match what quickly became known as the "lone-nut assassin" theory. Last, these men were able to determine the names of witnesses who might need to be pressured into changing their impressions of what they saw that day. Some of those who could not be intimidated met their demise in numbers which far exceed those which are compatible with chance alone, meaning, they were murdered.

These early maneuvers carried out by the fake Secret Service agents were critical to the overall success of the conspiracy perhaps even more so than the "stand-down" of the actual Secret Service Agents themselves whose inaction resulted in JFK being killed.  Control of the crime scene was key in terms of altering objective evidence that was incompatible with what their "official (false) version" ultimately became.

With Respect to Chauncey Holt:

--Holt Says Oswald was Falsely Accused!  Holt always felt a sympathy for Oswald and doesn't think its right that Oswald's wife and children should be  stigmatized the way they have been all these years. His video remarks in this regard appear extremely genuine. As he makes them he is literally moved to tears.

--Holt testified he saw multiple assassins in Dealey Plaza in the vicinity of Houston and Elm Streets on November 22, 1963 including but not limited to Louis Posada, Freddy Lugo, Rip Roberson and Orlando Bosch.

With Respect to James Files:

--Files confessed to killing John F. Kennedy with a head shot from the Grassy Knoll using a hand-held Remington Fireball XP-100 with scope in which he had placed a mercury bullet. Files says that if JKF's body is every exhumed we will know it is his body if the mercury that would still be present in his skull is found. Interestingly, the world's foremost medical expert on the JFK Assassination case, Dr. David W. Mantik believes he can see evidence of mercury on the JFK skull X-rays.

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