Friday, April 29, 2011

Lee Harvey Oswald did not Kill President Kennedy: The Evidence

Consistent with the Warren Report, at present, the U.S. government’s official belief is that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin who killed President John F. Kennedy on Elm Street at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. Although many hypotheses have questioned the scientific validity of the Warren Report and hence Oswald’s guilt, there has never been any peer-reviewed evidence of Oswald’s innocence. This paper offers evidence to demonstrate that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill President Kennedy and from the moment he was arrested to his death, he was framed up as the fall guy.

We studied the evidence of Oswald’s potential participation in the assassination from three separate angles. (A) Review of Oswald’s previous work consistent with his services for the U.S. government. (B) Review of the evidence by the Dallas city police and FBI declaring Oswald as a suspect in the assassination. (C) Review of forensic evidence to prove Oswald’s innocence.

Review of Evidence of Oswald’s Work for the U.S. Government

Several documents clearly demonstrate that Lee Harvey Oswald had worked for the U.S. government.

1. The evidence shows that Lee Harvey Oswald contracted gonorrhea in the line of duty in 1958. For some other background information see THIS
2. Oswald also worked for the CIA and carried an identification card DD Form 1173, which was the same type of ID carried by U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers who was a civilian employee and a CIA contract agent (Dallas Municipal Archives and Records Center).
3. Shortly before his arrest in the assassination of President Kennedy, Oswald had contact with the FBI as an informer. (Editor: True, it is my understanding that solid evidence now exists that he did this prior to the planned assassination attempt in Chicago and prior to the actual assassination in Dallas)

The Evidence That Oswald was Framed

1. Oswald was framed at the killer precisely 70 minutes after the assassination when there was no reason to make him a suspect for the assassination. (Editor: absolutely true. There was no legitimate reason to have suspected him as early as the Dallas Police allegedly did)
2. The Dallas police misled the public by declaring that Oswald was the primary suspect, for he was supposedly the only missing employee at the Texas School Book Depository on November 22, 1963, where the evidence shows that there were at least four people missing.

The Evidence That Oswald Did Not Kill Officer Tippit

1. The ballistic evidence did not match Oswald’s gun. The ballistic expert from the FBI concluded that it was not possible to determine whether or not the bullets had been fired from Oswald’s weapon. No external physical evidence such as fingerprints or shirt fibers linking Oswald to the crime scene was established.
2. The ballistic evidence proved that Oswald was not the killer of Officer Tippit. Of the four bullets extracted from Tippit’s body, there were three Western Winchesters and one Remington Peters. Oswald’s revolver (a .38) contained six rounds of live ammunition at the time of his arrest. The four empty shells found at that time at the murder site were two Remington's and two Winchesters and Oswald’s revolver did not eject empty cases. Rather, Oswald’s revolver had an automatic ejection system, whereby all six shells should have been ejected at once.

Ballistic Evidence Proving Oswald’s Innocence

1. The trajectory of the bullets suggests that the bullet that struck JFK was shot from the front, consistent with a frontal entry and exit from the back according to the autopsy findings. Fragments of JFK’s skull and blood splattered the motorcycle policeman who was behind the presidential limousine on the left side, again consistent with a shot with a frontal entry.
2. Paraffin tests conducted on Lee Harvey Oswald were negative on his face, which meant Oswald had not fired a rifle that day. The FBI submitted the paraffin tests to the Atomic Energy Commission’s facilities in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where Dr. Frank Dyer and Dr. Juel Emery tested them using neutron activation analysis. They concluded that the cheek testing could not be specifically associated with a rifle, therefore exonerating Lee Harvey Oswald.

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