Friday, April 22, 2011

Jesse Ventura Says Lee Harvey Oswald was to be Killed in the Texas Theatre

Jesse Ventura, the former Governor of Minnesota has told Alex Jones that he believes Lee Harvey Oswald was to be killed in the Texas Theatre in Dallas Texas the day President John F. Kennedy was murdered. Here is a partial transcript:

Jesse Ventura: Yep, we talked to Jim right in the theatre and Jim will reveal stuff tonight that’s very interesting, extremely interesting. Well, here’s one interesting thing you got, Alex; food for thought of common sense. Now you’ve just had the murder of the president, little while away you have a murder of a police officer on the street. Now the only phone call made was that someone went into the movie theatre and didn’t buy a ticket. Now if that happened in that sequence of order: the murder of the president, a half hour later the murder of a police officer, and a half hour later somebody doesn’t buy a ticket to go into a theatre. How come nearly 20 cops in 8 or 9 squad cars arrive to arrest a guy who didn’t buy a ticket to the theatre?

Alex Jones: Well, normally, specially in 1963, they would just send in the theatre manager to throw you out or demand you buy a ticket.

Jesse Ventura: Well, not only that, but as a police dispatcher, you got the president murdered out there, you got a police officer shot dead on the street. You’re going to dispatch 20 cops to a movie theatre?

Alex Jones: It shows it was all staged.

Jesse Ventura: It was all staged. I believe that Oswald was supposed to die in the theatre, and I think that’s where the screw up came up. That they were going to get him and kill him there for resisting arrest. And that way they’d do him in there. But something went afoul, I believe, and they had to then take him into custody and then, of course, they then had to get Ruby to kill him. By the way, there’s a phenomenal new book on it out, Alex, I don’t know if you know about it. Have you heard of Judyth Vary Baker?

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