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After the JFK Assassination--a True Coup d'état: Is the Current US Government Legitimate?

Dr. J. P. Hubert, MD FACS
August 3, 2010

It is now beyond reasonable doubt (BRD) that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by his own National Security State in what was a violent coup d'état that is, an overthrowing of the legitimate elected government of the United States by force through the use of the clandestine black-ops services of the CIA, elements of the Secret Service, the US military, the FBI and organized crime.[1]

Probability and Statistics:

Various scientific calculations have been done which indicate that there is less than 1 chance in a trillion that JFK's death was the result of one man acting alone. There were at least 15 separate violations made by the US Secret Service in their handling of Presidential Security in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.[2] These were unprecedented breaches in protocol. It would have been unusual if even one of these breaks in procedure had occurred let alone 15 during one Presidential visit. It defies credulity to think that such a scenario could have occurred on the basis of chance alone. Obviously the Secret Service “stood-down” so as to facilitate the conspirator’s killing teams in accomplishing the dastardly deed.[3] This means there was an extremely well orchestrated conspiracy to kill the President.

Perhaps even more astoundingly, during the 3 year period following the assassination of JFK and the murders of Lee Harvey Oswald and Officer J. D. Tippit, some 17 witnesses who were involved either directly or peripherally died, 72% of which were unnatural deaths, 52% being murders. The probability that even 15 of the 17 witnesses would be dead by 1967 is 100 quadrillion to 1 or 10(-17).[4]

The 35th President of the United States was murdered at essentially high noon on a bright autumn day in the middle of an American city while his security detail looked on and did nothing. The conspirators’ message was simple; “we’re in charge and there is nothing you can do about it.” Within the first hour after the Assassination, a pre-arranged “patsy” who had been placed in position at the Texas School Book Depository[5] was hunted down and apprehended long before any agency should have even suspected that he might have been involved. Lee Harvey Oswald--who as a result of the FIA[6] and the JFK Records Act[7] is now known to have been an American intelligence operative[8]--whether wittingly or by some last minute ruse played the part of the “fall-guy. During the entire time Oswald was in custody he denied killing President Kennedy and Officer J. D. Tippitt. There exists more and more evidence that Oswald was not involved in the killing of either JFK or Officer Tippitt.

Before being given the opportunity to disclose his role as an intelligence operative and what he might have known about the conspiracy to kill JFK[9], Lee Harvey Oswald was murdered on national TV in a room full of police and FBI agents whose only responsibility was to protect him. The night before his killing, the Dallas Police Department received 2 separate calls from unknown person(s) who reported that Oswald was to be murdered. Despite the warning, the Dallas Police made no attempt to prevent the killing of ostensibly the most important prisoner in US custody at the time. It defies all logic to believe that both JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald were killed by lone “deranged” gunmen.

Metaphysical Certainty:

In light of all of the cumulative JFK Assassination evidence now available, there exists metaphysical certainty that JFK was killed by a massive conspiracy with the power not only to murder the President but to successfully perpetrate a cover-up of monumental proportions which included securing massive medical fraud in the forensic evidence.[10] David Lifton, Douglas P. Horne and Dr. David W. Mantik and others have amply documented the details of how the medical fraud was accomplished.[11] The absolutely critical concept to understand is that no foreign or domestic entity would have had the access, power and requisite technological expertise to direct and accomplish the cover-up other than the American National Security State including US military physicians, 3 of which conducted the sham autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Shadow Government in Control:

Unless and until the United States publicly discloses to the citizenry that its duly elected government was overthrown in 1963 and that since then the replacement/imposter government has been at least technically/legally speaking illegitimate[12] it will likely be impossible to reverse the increasingly rapid disintegration of America. The reality is that since the murder of President John F. Kennedy, there has been an extra-constitutional imposter “government” in place which prior to that time existed only in the shadows. It has been given many different names including the “war party” the MIMIC (media, intelligence, military, industrial complex) the secret government, the shadow government etc. That entity or “Regime” as a result of the JFK assassination appears to have profoundly altered the trajectory of the United States by placing the country on a constant war footing and building and sustaining an enormous foreign military base presence throughout the world which serves to project American power and enlarge the “empire.”

Beginning with the Lyndon B. Johnson administration and his reversal of John F. Kennedy’s NSAM # 263 (within 4 days of the JFK Assassination) calling for an end to all US presence in Vietnam by 1965[13], the course which the US took was that of increasing militarization and empire-building rather than the move toward peace, nuclear disarmament and ending of the cold war begun by JFK in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis.[14] As should be readily apparent, the result has been catastrophic for the United States and much of the world. Since the death of President Kennedy, the confidence of the American people in their government has been drastically reduced suggesting that at a subliminal level at least, Americans are aware that something extremely troubling has transpired. Moreover, the polarization of the major political parties which now exists can be traced to the Johnson administration’s prosecution of the Vietnam War and its terrible sequelae.

Hegelian Dialectic and the Manipulation of US Population:

A form of Hegelian dialectic[15] is currently being utilized successfully by the oligarchical “Regime” to control the masses through an artificial binary division of reality[16] into a politics of left vs.: right in combination with the unrelenting “bread and circus” entertainment extravaganza being foisted upon the people the latest incarnation of which is the absurd reality TV phenomenon. Most Americans are too busy attempting to survive to be able to sort through the maze of distractions. They seek refuge in meaningless electronic games, TV shows and sporting events as a way to escape from the dismal realities of their increasingly hopeless lives. For those with more time and the requisite interest in politics and current events, the shadow government provides a steady diet of right vs.: left diatribes carried out by various “experts”, talking heads and partisan political hacks many of whom function as US intelligence assets and "cut-outs" of various kinds.[17] Few Americans realize that this left/right dichotomy is totally artificial and contrived so as to limit the universe of acceptable public discourse.

Effect of Dumbing-Down of America:

Americans have been “dumbed-down” for over 50 years such that as an aggregate entity we are no longer capable of reason or for that matter intellectually sound individual thought. The completely artificial bi-polar division between right and left, liberal and conservative so dominates the public discourse that one would think that it totally exhausts the entire panoply of possibilities. This of course is the sine que non of the Hegelian dialectic which is served up on a nightly basis in the form of cable “news” TV shows which attempt to promote an endless debate over which political worldview is best while demonizing its opponent. The idea that on many topics the position of neither left nor right is credible--seems to have been totally missed by most Americans.

The Left/Right Divide and the Hiding of the Truth:

For example, we have become accustomed to there being only 2 possibilities in any given dispute over issues of public policy; the position of the liberal (progressive) left and that of the neoconservative right.[18] How many Americans understand that the neoliberal left and the neoconservative right are but artificial constructs in the Hegelian tradition, designed to allow for the appearance of debate all the while serving to disguise the truth that the resolution/synthesis has already been predetermined by the oligarchical Regime currently in charge? The Regime has as its greatest weapon the fact that no one wishes to believe the truth. For most of us it is simply too painful, unnerving and overwhelming. As many propagandists have indicated, “the bigger the lie the more readily it will be believed.” It is viscerally more comfortable to believe the lie that our government exists of, by and for the people rather than for an elite few who wield all the power and influence and for whom everyone else exists only to be utilized, abused and discarded. The mercenary (all volunteer) US military is a perfect example of the latter being made up almost exclusively of the offspring of impoverished Americans. This has been the case since the draft was ended in the 1970’s.

Theater of the Absurd:

Every four years the Regime treats us to another “theater of the absurd” in which US citizens are allowed to vote for one of 2 Presidential candidates, each of whom has been vetted by the oligarchy such that from its standpoint it matters little which one is elected. Irrespective of what campaign promises are made, once in power, the new Presidential administration hues to the wishes of the not so hidden “shadow government.” It should be intuitively obvious that no serious candidate for high office could rise to that level without demonstrating a willingness to regurgitate the “party line” of their respective political affiliation. As a result so-called third-party candidates are virtually never successful when running for the highest office in the land. The only real opportunity for rank and file US citizens to effect change in their government is to elect a Representative to the US House who is committed to representing their views. Unfortunately, the mega corporations now appear to enjoy monopoly control[19] due to the campaign finance laws which allow for virtually unlimited contributions to candidates.[20] The practical effect is to nullify the political power of the average citizen.

The Political Process is Broken:

The current political process then is broken. So what can we do? It is obvious that under the current set of circumstances, it makes no difference who is elected President and what major political party has the White House or Congress for that matter. To say this of course is considered heresy among the pundit/ruling class who earn their livings by pretending the system is legitimate. Unfortunately however, it is true and they are wrong. There are simply too many powerful individuals and multinational corporations who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Examples include the banking, health care, munitions and energy industries and their lobbies and individual pundits who make up the afternoon and evening chattering class on cable TV such as Chris Matthews, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Ed Schultz, Keith Oberman and others.[21]

All of the above individuals to one degree or another represent special interest groups across the political spectrum. None are truly independent thinkers. They owe their jobs to their willingness to hue a particular political line as representatives of the media entity to which they belong. For example, O’Reilly, Hannity and Beck regurgitate the Neoconservative party line for Fox News with very little difference in their messages that is, there are differences in style but not substance.

Matthews (frequently repeats the claim that JFK and RFK were both killed by a lone deranged individual and he accepts/advertizes the poor work of scholarship that is Pozner's "Case Closed" which is easily debunked), Oberman (who also accepts Pozner's conclusions in "Case Closed") and Schultz largely follow the left or liberal party line with minor differences in substance and major differences in style. All advance the liberal political views of MSNBC.

CNN on the other hand touts itself as simply reporting the facts without an obvious political orientation. However, the most powerful CNN pundit is Wolf Blitzer who is essentially an Israeli (Zionist) intelligence cut-out all the while presenting himself as a non-editorializing straight-up journalist. CNN is completely loyal to Zionist Israel and the Zionist Lobby. It never criticizes the genocidal policies of the Jewish state so in that sense at least it is completely biased in favor of the Israeli Jews and against the Palestinian Arabs. It has failed to report the Apartheid nature of modern Israel where the human rights granted to Jews are denied to Arabs.

The Power of the Israel Lobby:

Not one of the above cable entities or individual pundit’s dares to criticize the Israeli government or its immoral policies however. In fact no major network or cable entity is willing to risk doing so due to the power of the Zionist (Israel) Lobby. Only in foreign venues or on the internet among bloggers does one find a willingness to question Israel’s Apartheid/genocidal policies or the actions of the Zionist Lobby. There is a complete symbiosis between the corporate oligarchy in control of the US government and the Israeli neo-Fascist entity whose interests are protected by the extensive Zionist Lobby which has infiltrated virtually every branch of the US government, most major ‘think-tanks” and much of US academia. There exists only a very small Jewish minority in the United States who admit that the actions of the modern state of Israel are not only immoral but counterproductive to the ultimate survival of the Jewish state. Fortunately, in Israel, Jewish intellectuals and academics such as Ilan Pappe have begun to break the strangle hold that radical Zionist’s such as Benyamin Netanyahu, Igor Lieberman and others have held over successive Israeli governments.

Is there a Solution?

While the internet is still relatively unregulated, it behooves every US citizen to peacefully but actively spread the truth that in the wake of World War II/the creation of the CIA and the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the constitutional representative democratic republic which was brought into being in 1789 was replaced[22] with a not so secret shadow government which does the bidding of the elites and is antithetical to the needs, desires and goals of everyone else.

This effort should include organizing at the state and local levels. It should include electing to the US House of Representatives individuals who cannot be purchased by the multinational corporations and special interest groups. Finding such highly morally committed individuals will not be easy.

Finally, interested and committed individuals of like-mind should ban together for the purpose of pooling their various resources in order to better oppose the corporate media and their relentless attempts to “brain-wash” the public. Time is short for the survival of the American experiment. Please help Spread the word!


[1] The evidence is simply overwhelming. For those who are not yet familiar with some of the seminal works they include but are not limited to those in the selected reference section appended to this essay.
[2] Philosopher of Science Professor James H. Fetzer performed a calculation assuming that the probability that any one of them would be breached was only 10% which is more than likely too high. For even 12 to be breached at the same time yields a probability of 10(-12).
[3] Evidence now strongly suggests that there were likely at least “3” teams, one in the TSBD, one behind the fence at the grassy knoll, and one at the southwest end of the overpass in the storm drain. It is also possible that a 4th team was positioned at the southeast end of the overpass and another in the Dal-Tex building fairly close to ground level. The exact identity and number of the assassin’s is of course irrelevant to the issue of whether a conspiracy existed.
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[6] Abbreviation for “Freedom of Information Act.”
[7] Passed in 1992 in response to the Motion Picture by Oliver Stone about the JFK Assassination. The law is known as the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. The Act ordered all assassination-related material to be placed in a single collection in the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
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[18] The traditional or Paleoconservative “right” no longer exists for all practical purposes in that the neoconservatives have taken over the right wing of the US political spectrum. Neoconservatism has its roots in Trotsky and its branches in Nazism/Fascism. Newt Gingrich and former Vice President Dick Cheney are illustrative of the more radicalized Neoconservative right.
[19] The Health Insurance Lobby was the major beneficiary of the recently passed Health Reform Bill, the Banking Lobby virtually wrote the Banking Reform legislation.
[20] "Bundling" of funds by large corporate donors is a favorite tactic.
[21] One possible exception is the courageous Dylan Ratigan who has been willing to speak truthfully about the reality of the present circumstances at least with respect to the various lobbies which control the Congress. He has not to date challenged the Zionist Lobby which presumably would result forthwith in his dismissal from MSNBC.
[22] A true violent Coup d'etat. I specifically use this term recognizing that Peter Dale Scott disagrees with the use of that term when applied to the JFK Assassination.


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Me & Lee: How I came to know love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald (Waterville, Oregon: Trine Day LLC, 2010) by Judyth Vary Baker is now publicly available and can be purchased through amazon.com HERE...

I read Edward Haslam's related book, Dr. Mary's Monkey (Waterville, Oregon: Trine Day LLC, 2007) a while back and had been eagerly anticipating my copy of Baker's book. It arrived roughly 10 days ago and I have now finished a careful methodical review. I found it to be well written, extremely englightening, full of complexity and overall a fascinating read. Judyth Baker's story is both inspiring and tragic.

Needless to say the assertions that Judtyh Vary Baker makes with regard to Lee Harvey Oswald's character, his involvement in concert with Baker, Dr. Alton Ochsner, Dr. Mary Sherman, David Ferrie and others in the clandestine project to develop a bioweapon in the summer of 1963 with which to kill Fidel Castro, Oswald's infiltration of the plot to kill President Kennedy and his alleged attempts to stop the assassination of JFK are earthshaking if true as they will alter the JFK Assassination research community landscape and US political history permanently.

I am currently in the process of writing a detailed review of Me and Lee which I will publish upon completion. I wholeheartedly recommend purchasing a copy of Baker's book to anyone who is interested in finding the truth about what happened to the 35th President of the United States and the American Republic thereafter. Given the deplorable state of affairs in contemporary America. Ms. Baker's book is fortuitous and timely.

To view multiple video interviews of Judyth Vary Baker see THIS...

--Dr. J. P. Hubert

See also the following Dr. Jim Fetzer interview of author Dean Hartwell who supports the veracity of Judyth's claims:


Famed Surgeon and Former Head of American Cancer Society Engaged in Crimes Against Humanity if Judyth Vary Baker's Allegations are True!

Since my previous post, noted JFK Assasination researcher and author Professor James H. Fetzer has completed a fascinating radio interview with Ed Haslam the author of Dr. Mary's Monkey (Waterville, Oregon, Trine Day LLC, 2007) regarding Judyth Vary Baker's new book; Me and Lee (Waterville, Oregon, Trine Day LLC, 2010).
Ed Haslam has provided an incredible radio summary of Judyth's book which has further improved my understanding of the material covered in Me and Lee. I wholeheartedly recommend the radio interview to readers. At this point I have only a few additional questions I would appreciate obtaining the answers to.

One of the most egregious and unethical things ever to have been done to an impressionable young and burgeoning medical scientist is what Dr. Alton Ochsner allegedly did to Judyth Vary Baker after she objected on moral grounds to the testing of their bioweapon on unsuspecting prisoner's. He purportedly not only ended her career in Medicine but threatened to do physical harm to her if she did not complete her part of the project at the Prison and remain quiet about what she had been involved in.

If Judyth Vary Baker's testimony is true, Ochsner violated international humanitarian as well as US law by directing that prisoners be injected with the weaponized cancer causing virus in the absense of their consent and violated the Hippocratic oath he undoubtedly took as a physician to first "do no harm."

The actions ostensibly undertaken by David Ferrie in clandestinely injecting prisoner's with the cancer-causing virus at Dr. Alton Ochsner's request was a crime against humanity, one which is comparable to the Nazi human experiments so forcefully repudiated at the Nazi War Crimes Tribunal after World War II.

It bears repeating, It is always and everywhere morally wrong to intentionally harm a patient irrespective of the circumstances. The alleged prisoners in question were utilized as human test animals the result of which was their death(s). In this case, a successful human experiment would of necessity demand the death of the subject--a situation which is beyond the pale for any medical doctor to have been involved in let alone one of such fame and professional reputation. It is truly unfortunate that this case was not brought to the Hague or other international criminal court of justice. Presumably, Dr. Alton Ochsner could be tried in absentia even at this late date.

Haslam who edited and wrote the forward to Judyth's book firmly believes in the truthfulness of her claims as does Professor Fetzer, and acclaimed JFK Assassination author Jim Marrs.

To listen to the interview, proceed HERE...

Needless to say, Judyth's story would make an excellent sequel to Oliver Stone's movie JFK as would the material which Ed Haslam presented in his book Dr. Mary's Monkey.

--Dr. J. P. Hubert, MD FACS


“Dr. Mary’s Monkey”

by Mary Wenworth
Capecodtoday.com HERE...

Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination are part of this chronicle

In "Dr. Mary's Monkey," Edward T. Haslam weaves a tale of intrigue involving polio vaccines, secret laboratories, a gruesome death, romance, and, yes, monkeys.

Would you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of JFK are also part of this chronicle? Set in New Orleans in the fifties and early sixties, it demonstrates that truth is way stranger than fiction.

Haslam set out to discover what his father, a former Commander in the U.S. Navy and a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Tulane, had come across in the New Orleans medical community that not only offended his sense of medical ethics, but also frightened him into silence.

Interview With Edward T. Haslam

When a small child Haslam had sat in Dr. Mary Sherman's lap during one of her visits to the Haslam home. It was to be expected then that her murder, which remains unsolved to this day, would have been a painful event for the whole family. Nevertheless, the senior Haslam, just before his death, would not reveal to his son what he had learned. Only that very powerful people were involved and his son should think twice about "crossing swords" with them.

Haslam's search goes back to 1952 when Dr. Alton Ochsner persuaded Sherman, a well-known and respected cancer researcher and faculty member at the University of Chicago, to come to New Orleans. Ochsner was a prominent surgeon, an influential figure in New Orleans political circles, president of the American Cancer Society, and a staunch anti-communist. He promised Sherman a partnership in his clinic, her own cancer laboratory that would never want for funds because of Ochsner's connections, and an associate professorship at Tulane Medical School.

What were the events over the next fourteen years that led to Dr. Sherman's murder in July 1964- eight months after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy?

The answer to this question begins with the 33,000 Americans a year who had contracted polio during the early fifties. Parental fear that their child would be the next victim of this crippling, and often deadly, disease put enormous pressure on American medical researchers.

A significant step forward occurred when researchers found they could use the kidneys of rhesus monkeys as the culture for growing a vaccine. In early 1955, Dr. Jonas Salk announced that his vaccine would prevent polio. Following his instructions, five commercial laboratories began producing it in preparation for mass inoculations set to begin in April of that year.

As a precaution, Dr. Bernice Eddy, a researcher who worked for the National Institute of Health (NIH) in New Orleans, was ordered at the last minute to safe-test the Salk vaccine. Her finding was shocking: the vaccine itself could cause paralysis.

It heralded the biggest fiasco, to date, in the history of American medicine: unbelievably, the top dogs in the medical community decided to go ahead, anyway. [It is possible that this decision was based on a trade-off: some children would be paralyzed and some of them would die but many more would be protected from the disease.]

In a display of unimaginable arrogance, Ochsner, who had holdings in one of the five laboratories, inoculated his own grandchildren to demonstrate that the vaccine was safe. Both contracted polio. His granddaughter recovered from her paralysis but tragically his grandson died.

Estimates vary, but a significant number of other children also died or had permanent paralysis. Later on, in 1960, Dr. Albert Sabin was believed to have saved the day because his oral vaccine used a weakened virus rather than the dead virus used by Salk. Moreover, it had already been tested extensively in other countries. It began to be distributed here almost five years to the day that Americans had begun receiving the Salk inoculations.

About this time, another unsung heroine of American medicine, Dr. Sarah Stewart proved that a virus caused cancer. NIH officials, in an attempt to muzzle their whistleblower, had shifted Eddy, a close friend of Stewart's, from working on polio vaccine to doing research on influenza. Nevertheless, Eddy began to quietly perform more tests on polio vaccines.

At an October 1961 meeting in Manhattan of the New York Cancer Society, Eddy made a career-ending move. Without the consent of her superiors, she revealed an even more alarming discovery than her first: both polio vaccines were contaminated with a cancer-causing virus!

Another fiasco even bigger than the first! And one with far-reaching consequences. Between 1955 and 1963, millions of Americans had been injected with, or had swallowed, a substance that caused cancer.
How could this have happened? The answer is that little thought had been given to the possibility that life-threatening viruses could be extracted from kidney cultures along with the polio vaccine.

What was done about it? Not much. Both Salk and Sabin resisted informing the American people of this development. A few heads rolled - but not many. The media paid little attention to this catastrophe. [Since Eddy had predicted that it would take thirty years for the cancers to develop, one might surmise that the medical community felt shielded by the prospect that a connection between the vaccine and a cancer would be difficult to prove.]

Haslam drew up charts from statistics obtained from the National Cancer Institute that show that the epidemic began in the 1985 (1955+30) when cancers of five of the body's soft tissues - the skin, breast, prostate, lymphoma and lung - began a dramatic increase.

He writes, "Remember the dreaded polio epidemic of the 1950s with its 33,000 cases of polio each year. Compare that to these numbers from 1994: 182,000 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed; 200,000 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed; 500,000 new cases of lung cancer diagnosed. The increase in any one of these diseases in the years since 1985 was greater than the entire polio epidemic at its peak!"

It is a significant part of this exposé that these key discoveries were made in national institutions like the NIH based in one particular city. New Orleans was the gateway to the United States for South American countries. Many came to the city for medical treatment. Dr. Ochsner's Clinic, in particular, with its posh accommodations became a destination for Latin America's elite. Ochsner's rabid anti-communism grew out of his personal friendships with dictators like Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua, Juan Peron of Argentina, and Tomas Gabriel Duque of Panama.

Ochsner was incensed by Fidel Castro's successful 1959 rebellion in Cuba against the US-backed dictator, Fulgencio Batista. Many anti-Castro Cubans and their allies felt that either the 1961 disastrous Bay of Pigs assault or the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis should have occasioned a full-scale invasion of Cuba to "free the Cuban people from the Castro dictatorship." [Of course, none of these people had expressed any concern for the Cuban people when Batista, a real dictator, had been in power.]

A 1976 report from Senator Frank Church's Select Committee on Assassinations showed that the CIA had been busy for more than a decade with inventing new ways to murder Castro. Was using the cancer-causing polio vaccine one of these ideas?

[Douglas's research combined with Haslam's gives us a fairly complete picture that Oswald's activities in New Orleans that portrayed him as a friend of Cuba was part of a plan for Oswald to be involved in carrying out this mission. It also helped set him up to be the "patsy" for President Kennedy's assassination.]

Ochsner had recruited Judyth Vary, a young woman not yet twenty, to work in one of his labs. Almost immediately upon her arrival in New Orleans in May 1963, a bit ahead of her employment date, she became the protégé of Lee Harvey Oswald who had recently returned to his native city. He helped Vary get settled and find work. During this period, Vary married her fiancé, Robert Baker, who came to the city for the ceremony but left immediately for a summer job in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oswald worked with Ochsner, David Ferrie and the local Mafia boss, Carlos Marcello, as well as the CIA and FBI. Vary noted that the Oswald family had apparently had a long relationship with Marcello. David Ferrie had had a rather checkered career as a seminary student, a pilot for Eastern Airlines, and an operative for the CIA. By the time Vary came to know him, he was wearing a homemade orange wig and painting his eyebrows with a black greasy substance. An unforgettable looking character.

Both Vary and Oswald eventually received cover jobs in the Reily Coffee Company where they could come and go in order to do their undercover work. No questions asked. Even though Oswald was also married, had a small child and another on the way, it was not long before the two began an affair that ended with Lee's murder in November of that year.

Ferrie did experiments on mice in his own apartment, but he also rented another that housed an underground lab. It was here that Vary was soon put to work, inspecting new batches of mice that were brought into the secret lab by one or another of the anti-Castro Cubans who came and went from an upstairs apartment. After destroying the mice with the most advanced tumors, Judyth would remove the tumors, grind them up in a blender and take the mixture to Dr. Sherman's home a few blocks away.

Dr. Sherman's work In New Orleans included teaching at Tulane Medical School, doing operations at Charity Hospital, staffing at several children's hospitals and working in Ochsner's Clinic. It appears that another secret lab was at the US Public Health Hospital. Perhaps Sherman started out to develop a vaccine to cure cancer. But ended up dedicating herself to perfecting a biological weapon from the cancer-causing monkey virus.

According to Vary-Baker, Dr. Sherman, herself, helped convince her that it was their patriotic duty to develop a biological weapon that could kill Castro before he unleashed "nukes" on the United States.

When the virus became fast-acting at killing not only mice but also monkeys, it was determined that it needed to be tried on a human. An inmate at Angola State Prison who volunteered for the experiment was brought to the Jackson State Mental Hospital not far from New Orleans where he died from an injection.

Judyth wrote a letter to Dr. Ochsner, complaining that the inmate did not know the possible consequences of the experiment. An angry Ochsner terminated Judyth as well as Oswald from any further connection to the project. In the fall she went back to Florida to a lab job in Gainesville that Ferrie had found for her. In mid-October, Oswald was transferred to Dallas. The two kept in touch by using Mafia safe lines through an arrangement that Ferrie had worked out.

Oswald told Judyth of the plans to assassinate Kennedy and that he hoped to be able to prevent it. If he came out of it alive he promised that they could carry out their plans to elope to Mexico, get quickie divorces, and get married. Their last conversation was on Wednesday, November 21st, two days before the assassination. Instead, Oswald ended up at the age of twenty-four being the scapegoat for the president's murder and being murdered himself. [James Douglas covers this in his book, JFK and The Unspeakable, that has been the subject of an earlier posting on this blog.]

Ferrie called Judyth to tell her that her life would be in danger if she ever told anyone what she knew. [Silent for more than thirty-five years, her book, Me and Lee, is about to be released by Trine Day Books.] (Editor: It is now available through Amazon).

Sherman's grotesquely disfigured body was found in her apartment early in the morning of July 21, 1964. Her right arm had been entirely burned away, leaving only a bone extending from her shoulder. Her right rib cage was gone and her insides lay exposed from her shoulder to her waist. Her face was unrecognizable.

Investigators determined that her body had been taken from another location and placed in her apartment. Incredibly, an autopsy showed that she was still alive after the burn and that the fatal wound had been a stabbing that penetrated her heart. Subsequently, she was stabbed and slashed several times after death and a fire was set in her apartment to make her death look like a random murder or a burglary gone wrong.

The most likely instrument for the hideous incineration of one side of her body was the linear particle accelerator that was secretly installed in the US Public Health Hospital where US Marines guarded it. Sherman would have had access to it and undoubtedly used it in her experiments because the accelerator can be depended upon to weaken a virus with great precision while being relied upon to not kill it.

Was Dr. Mary Sherman killed in July 1964 on the eve of hearings that Warren Commission investigators held in New Orleans because she couldn't be relied on to keep quiet? Neither the motive for her murder nor those responsible for it have ever been identified. In fact, the investigation of her murder was abruptly terminated at the end of two weeks. Who would have had the power to shut it down? [Could the fact that Allen Dulles, a former Director of the CIA, served on the Warren Commission have anything to do with it?]

The story does not end here. Was any use made of this cancer-causing virus? Haslam points out that this virus was labeled SV-40. What about the other 39 viruses found in the vaccine? Was one of them the AIDS virus? If so, how did it get out into the world? Was HIV-1 an undesirable mutation that resulted from using radiation on SV-40? Haslam discusses the ways in which this virus could have gotten into the blood stream of the world's population.

To learn more, go to TrineDay.com to order the book.

[One of the earliest uses of a biological weapon happened in this country at the end of the French and Indian Wars that the British won. The British commander, Jeffrey Amherst, agreed to his lieutenant's request to give smallpox infected blankets to the Native Americans who had fought on the side of the French and were conducting a guerrilla war against Amherst and his troops.]

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