JFK Assassination Co-Conspirators

There were many people from diverse backgrounds who participated in various ways in the plot to murder President John F. Kennedy. Some were also involved in the post-assassination cover-up. The following list while not exhaustive, represents a partial list of the major and minor "players" as far as is currently known.

1) Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson--at the very least had foreknowledge of the plot to murder  President Kennedy and along with J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI essentially ran the investigation of the assassination and was thus most responsible for the cover-up (the two men began actively implementing the cover-up on Friday afternoon November 22, 1963). This much is true beyond reasonable doubt meaning the evidence supporting both contentions is simply overwhelming.

There is a significant body of evidence which in addition establishes to a high degree of probability that LBJ was also very involved in planning the assassination itself. He had motive (Congress and the Justice Department were closing in on his extensive history of criminal activity as part of  its investigation of his associates Bobby Baker and Billy Sol Estes. He knew that JFK would likely drop him from the ticket in 1964 and that a very real risk existed that he would be sent to prison). Johnson because of his many contacts in organized crime and his friendships with law enforcement officials in Texas, the Justice Department e.g. J. Edgar Hoover, and among the military including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also had means and opportunity.

There is no doubt that of all the individuals who personally benefited from the Assassination of JFK, Lyndon B. Johnson was highest on the list. Johnson is the answer to the proverbial question Cui bono or who benefited?  Johnson is known to have attended a final pre-assassination meeting on November 21, 1963 at Dallas oilman Clint Murchison's home. Two separate witnesses have independently verified that LBJ was present at the meeting including his former mistress Madeline Duncan Brown who stated on multiple occasions and in various venues that LBJ told her on the night of November 21, 1963 "after tomorrow those Kennedy boys will never  make a fool of me again."

Moreover, multiple other witnesses testified that LBJ was intimately involved in the assassination plot including CIA operative and Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt in a taped confession to his son Saint John Hunt before E. Howard Hunt died and Attorney Barr McClellan former member of  the law firm that LBJ utilized almost exclusively.  McClellan alleges that he was told by his partner Mr. Don Thomas of LBJ's involvement.

McClellan also claims that LBJ confessed his role in the assassination plot to his personal psychiatrist and to attorney Don Thomas. McClellan's source for this is Don Thomas. Unfortunately, LBJ never signed an affidavit to that effect and apparently never made an audio or video taped confession of his role in the Kennedy Assassination. Neither did attorney Don Thomas who McClellan who it appears relied upon exclusively for the information.

According to McClellan, attorney Don Thomas was asked by LBJ to disclose the contents of his oral confession to Thomas subsequent to LBJ's death but not while Lady Bird Johnson was alive. As far as I am aware, Thomas never did so. Therefore, Barr McClellan's claims with respect to the LBJ confession and his alleged role in the assassination plot are based on hearsay in the sense that he has no personal/direct knowledge that LBJ helped plan the JFK Assassination plot. That however, does not mean his story is false. It must however be considered in light of all the relevant information that can be brought to bear. Important to note is that McClellan had been involved in a law suit with his former partners and therefore his statements must be considered carefully for evidence of bias.

A great deal of other strong circumstantial evidence exists that does establish to a high degree of probability (but not beyond all doubt) that LBJ was intimately involved in the assassination plot. Douglas P. Horne in his 5 volume book Inside the ARRB has a very informative section on this topic that is well-worth reading especially chapter 15, Volume V.

2) J. Edgar Hoover--head of FBI and good friend of LBJ was well known to despise both John and Robert Kennedy. He had reason to believe that JFK was going to force his retirement from the FBI after the 1964 election. Thus he had a very real motive in addition to his strong visceral dislike of the Kennedy brothers. Hoover also attended a pre-assassination final meeting of the conspirators at the home of Clint Murchison of Dallas Texas on November 21, 1963 the night before the assassination.

"Mark North  Act of Treason and George O'Toole The Assassination Tapes both believe that J. Edgar Hoover either knew of plans to kill Kennedy and did nothing to stop them, or he helped to organize the assassination." For more on the role of the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover see this from the Spartacus web site:

3) Allen Dulles--Former head of CIA, fired by JFK after failed Bay of Pigs fiasco, had major motive for murder of the President. Dulles was appointed to the Warren Commission by LBJ and managed the assassination investigation for LBJ.  Dulles attended more WC meetings than anyone else and on behalf of the CIA kept the Commission from obtaining sensitive CIA documents. He was very instrumental in leading the Warren Commission away from evidence establishing a conspiracy.

4) James J. Angleton--CIA, head mole-hunter for agency and head of counter-intelligence. Was in a key position to utilize Lee Harvey Oswald's fake Russian defector history and his feigned pro-Castro activities in the summer of 1963 to establish a link to possible Russian and or Cuban involvement in the assassination. He was able to prevent other US intelligence services from suspecting that Oswald posed a risk to the President thus helping place Oswald at the scene of the crime for his predetermined role of "patsy." This allowed Oswald to be framed for the murder of JFK.

5) David Atlee Phillips--CIA, head of clandestine operations for the Western Hemisphere, Lee Harvey Oswald's handler and heavily involved with the anti-Castro Cuban exile community elements of which participated in the assassination plot. Phillips admitted to his brother prior to death that he was physically present in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963. Phillips also met with Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas during the early fall of 1963  according to Antonio Veciana the former head of the famed CIA backed anti-Castro Cuban exile group Alpha 66 who witnessed the encounter while Veciana was with David A. Phillips. Veciana knew Phillips as Maurice Bishop who was also his CIA handler. This meeting occurred prior to Oswald's trip to Mexico City in September of 1963.

6) William K. Harvey--CIA clandestine services operative who helped arrange assassination plot assistance from organized crime figures including John Rosselli, Carlos Marcello and Santo Trafficante. Harvey was known as the American James Bond. His specialty was black-ops including assassination.

7) E. Howard Hunt--CIA, physically present in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963. Either he or Chauncey Holt were likely one of the "3 tramps" in the famous picture of Dealey Plaza shortly after the assassination. Holt says it was him. Hunt had a role in bringing the weapons to Dallas that were used to kill JFK. Could also have been a lower level overseer of the "hit-teams."

8) David Sanchez Morales--CIA hit-man who organized anti-Castro Cuban exile members that assisted in the assassination plot. Was involved in multiple assassination activities prior to 1963.

9) Frank Sturgis (aka Fiorini)--CIA contract agent who helped bring the weapons to Dallas used to kill JFK. Accused of being one of the "3 tramps" but according to Chauncey Holt was not.

10) Clint Murchison--Wealthy Dallas Oil Magnate. Hosted the pre-assassination meeting on November 21, 1963. Also provided monetary backing for plot.

11) H. L. Hunt--Wealthy Dallas Oil Magnate, attended the pre-assassination meeting on November 21, 1963 at the home of Clint Murchison. Provided monetary backing for plot.

12) Syd Richardon--Wealthy Dallas Oil Magnate, provided moetary backing for plot.

13) William A. Greer--Secret Service agent who drove JFK limousine and who slowed down and brought it to a stop after first shot was fired rather than speeding up in violation of Secret Service rules of protocol. This one action is directly responsible for the death of JFK as it helped the assassin's make the fatal head shots.

14)  Roy H. Kellerman--Secret Service agent who rode in front passenger seat of Kennedy limousine. Failed to respond to initial shots after turning around and looking at JFK who was already in distress. Instead he turned back toward the front until the fatal head shot(s) occurred.

Kellerman forcefully removed JFK's body from Parkland Hospital at gunpoint in violation of Texas law which clearly held that the autopsy had to be done there in Dallas Texas where the death occurred. Was the "stage-manager" at Bethesda Naval Hospital before, during and after the autopsy and was integral to establishing the medical cover-up.

15) Gerald A. Behn--Secret Service chief of JFK's detail.

16) Floyd M. Boring-- Secret Service second in command of JFK's detail. He made key decisions regarding the Dallas trip.

17) Emory P. Roberts--Secret Service shift leader (commander) for Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963, recalled SSA Henry J. Rybka from running alongside the JFK limousine at Love Field.  Vincent M. Palamara, expert on the JFK Assassination secret service detail wrote as follows:

"Rybka's dismay and confusion is made manifest by his unambiguous body language: He throws up his arms several times before, during and after the follow-up car passes him. He was not being allowed to do his job -- and it was not JFK who was ordering the stand-down...Rybka did not enter the follow-up car and was left behind at the airport.

THE NON-PERFORMANCE OF AGENT ROBERTS -- The activities of Emory P. Roberts during as well as before the shooting are difficult to understand. As the first shots were fired, he recalled agent John D. Ready, who was attempting to run to the president's car. The initial explanation for this order -- the speed of and distance between the cars was too great for effective protective measures to be taken -- has been contradicted by photographic and eyewitness testimony.

And Kinney, the driver of the follow-up car who was seated beside Roberts, said that his shift leader, upon hearing what he later admitted he immediately knew to be a rifle shot, ordered his agents not to move. Thus, during the most critical seconds of the Dallas motorcade, John F. Kennedy was denied potentially life-saving protection as the result of a direct order given by a ranking member of the United States Secret Service.

During taped interviews and/or in signed correspondence, several agents and others stated for the record that they believe JFK was a victim of a conspiracy. These individuals include agents Kinney, Bolden, Martineau and Norris, and DNC advance man Underwood."

Probable Dealey Plaza “Hit Team” Members Nov. 22, 1963

1)  John RoselliMember of Mafia in Chicago while controlled by Mob Boss Sam Giancana, likely shooter or spotter according to James Files. Also a CIA asset who worked extensively with Cuban Exiles in plots to kill Fidel Castro.

2)  Charles NicolettiChicago Mob "hit-man."  James Files testified on video tape that Nicoletti was a shooter in either the Dal Tex or TSBD building. There is some evidence that Nicoletti, Files and Roselli made up one "hit-team" along with a man named Marshall Caifano. Chauncey Holt testified on video that he brought Charles Nicoletti to Dallas from the Grace Ranch in Arizona.

3)  James E. FilesChicago Mob "hit-man", confessed to being Grassy Knoll shooter using a Remington Fireball XP-100 long pistol with scope in which he placed a mercury bullet. Files claims he was a last minute addition to the team at the direction of Charles Nicoletti.

4)  Lucien SartiFrench/Corsican Mafia Assassin, probable shooter. Has been accused of being the Grassy Knoll Shooter which James E. Files also claims to have been.

5)  Louis Posada CarrilesCuban Exile, Assassin for CIA, possible shooter. Chauncey Holt saw him in Dealey Plaza.

6)  Felix RodriguezCuban Exile, known CIA Assassin, possible shooter or spotter.  

7)  Orlando BoschCuban Exile, known CIA Assassin, probably in Dealey Plaza although FBI said they had him under surveillance which is likely false, could have been a shooter or spotter.

8)  Freddy LugoCIA contract Assassin, possible shooter according to Chauncey Holt who saw him in Dealey Plaza.

9)  Rip RobersonCIA contract Assassin, possible shooter according to Chauncey Holt who saw him in Dealey Plaza.

10) Charles HarrelsonMob Hit-man, father of  Actor “Woody” Harrelson, possible shooter or spotter, probably one of the "3 tramps" in addition to Chauncey Holt and Charles Rogers.

11) Chauncey Holtpossible spotter, claims to have been creator of fraudulent credentials utilized by fake Secret Service agents in Dealey Plaza after shooting, claims to have been one of the "3 tramps."

12) David Sanchez MoralesCIA Assassin, possible shooter or spotter, probably helped Lucien Conein coordinate events in Dealey Plaza.

13) Frank Sturgis (aka Fiorini)—CIA Assassin, possible shooter or spotter, was accused of being one of the "3 tramps" but probably was not according to Chauncy Holt. Helped bring guns to Dallas from Miami that were used to kill JFK.

14) Lucien ConeinCIA Assassination expert, likely site coordinator in Dealey Plaza. Many believe he appears in at least one photograph of Dealey Plaza among a group of people.

15) General Ed LandsdaleCIA black-op’s expert under cover as US military, probably in command of entire Dealey Plaza event, likely the man Lucien Conein directly reported to. Colonel Fletcher Prouty was convinced that he saw Landsdale in a picture taken in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963

16) Mac Wallace--LBJ’s “hit-man” who to a high degree of probability planted fake Manlicher-Carcano spent shells in the TSBD’s “Sniper’s Nest” in order to frame Oswald, could also have been a shooter or a spotter. Years later, his fingerprint would be identified on one of the Sniper's Nest boxes.

17) E. Howard HuntCIA agent. Attorney Mark Lane proved he was in Dallas on November 22, 1963.  Marita Lorenz (Fidel Castro’s ex-girlfriend) testified that Hunt met with Sturgis and the Cubans on the night of November 21, 1963 after they had brought guns to Dallas from Miami Hunt may also have been present in Dealey Plaza as a spotter or coordinator for the shooters. Chauncey Holt says he is the tramp that many people have said is E. Howard Hunt. Disagreement still exists on that point.

After shooting JFK in the right temple from the Grassy Knoll, James E. Files testified on tape that he drove Charles Nicoletti and Johnny Roselli away from Dealey Plaza in a car. Files says he drove along Houston Street in an easterly direction for several blocks, then turned left and fairly quickly stopped at a gas station. After that they simply drove away.  Researchers should attempt to document this claim if at all possible.

Interestingly, while Tosh Plumlee claims that he was involved in bringing John Roselli to Dallas by airplane, Plumlee admits he did not see Roselli after the assassination and is certain Roselli was not on the plane with him when he (Plumlee) left Dallas. This fits with the claims of James Files about transporting John Roselli out of Dallas.

The above list was created after studying the statements of James E. Files, Chauncey Holt, Tosh Plumlee, and others and from deciphering the myriad of references made to all these individuals in the extensive reference works listed on this site.

The foregoing was compiled in order to help serious JFK Assassination conspiracy researcher’s in their attempts to further document the details of what took place in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.

JFK Assassination Conspirator’s who have talked:

1)  Lyndon B. Johnsonto his Mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown and allegedly to his psychiatrist and to his attorney Don Brown according to LBJ attorney Barr McClellan.

2)  E. Howard HuntCIA, wrote a deathbed confession to his son St. John Hunt in which he admitted being peripherally involved. Yet, Marita Lorenz (Fidel Castro’s ex-girlfriend) swears that Hunt met with some Cuban Exiles and Frank Sturgis (who had brought guns from Miami to Dallas Tx.) on the night of Nov. 21, 1963 about the planned assassination. If true, Hunt was more than peripherally involved. It is known that he was in Dallas on November 22, 1963 as well, something that was proven by Mark Lane in the Liberty Lobby trial.

3)  James E. FilesMob assassin, confessed to shooting JFK in the head with a mercury bullet utilizing a Remington Fireball XP-100 from the north Grassy Knoll. Implicated both John Roselli and Charles Nicoletti as members of his "hit-team."

4)  Chauncey M. HoltCIA and Mob forger, admitted he forged the fake Secret Service credentials the conspirators used in Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22. He also claims to have been one of the “3 tramps” along with Charles Harrelson and Charles Rogers. He was there because he brought one of the shooter’s, a man named Charles Nicoletti to Dallas from the Grace Ranch in Arizona.

5)  David Sanchez MoralesCIA, boasted when drunk on more than one occasion that he was involved in the JFK and RFK Assassinations. Subsequently died under mysterious circumstances thought to be in retribution for his "loose lips" about the assassination of JFK and RFK.

6)  David Atlee PhillipsCIA, admitted to his brother just before he died that he had been in Dallas Tx. on Nov. 22, 1963 the implication being that he was involved in the Assassination. Phillips was Lee Harvey Oswald’s handler as well as Antonio Veciana’s of the infamous Miami Alpha 66 anti-Castro Cuban Exile brigade.

7)  Carlos MarcelloNew Orleans Mob boss. Admitted to his role in the Assassination of JFK while in prison. For more details including evidence that the FBI has in its files, see THIS. Marcello admitted that he tried to involve Lee Harvey Oswald in the plot to kill JFK through fellow Marcello operative and Oswald friend David Ferrie of New Orleans. It was Jack Ruby, also a childhood friend of Oswald that the Mob asked to kill Oswald in order to keep him from disclosing what he knew of the plot.

8)  Santo TrafficanteMiami Mob boss.  Anti-Castro exile Jose Aleman told HSCA investigators in the 1970's that in late 1962, Trafficante told him that President Kennedy would not be re-elected, because "he is going to be hit."   

9)  Sam GiancanaChicago Mob boss. Instructed John Roselli, Charles Nicoletti and Richard Cain to join the "hit-teams" being formed for the assassination of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza, Dallas Tx. Nicoletti involved James E. Files at the last minute. Files was both a Mob hitman and a CIA operative who had trained anti-Castro Cuban exiles for the CIA in preparation for the Bay of Pigs invasion.
     "In the early 1990s', Frank Ragano told journalists a story, repeated in his book Mob Lawyer, that Ragano had taken a message from Hoffa to Trafficante and Carlos Marcello to carry out the murder of the President. Ragano wrote that in 1987 a seriously-ill Trafficante told him that he and Marcello had carried out the other, but that he had misgivings - 'I think Carlos f**ked up in getting rid of Giovanni (John) -- maybe it should have been Bobby.' "
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